We are moving to Cloud! New address for this blog.


Since I started this blog a few years ago a lot have changed. I moved from Russia to USA, SharePoint sites moved to the cloud in numbers, and a lot of tech landscape has changed significantly. We are working in gig economy, not tied to single place or single employer, we are jumping from one technology to another, adapting to ever changing requirements. And while my focus is still mostly on SharePoint Server on-premises as my current client is still waiting to move, my own learning focus has shifted to cloud and Office 365. I’ve also started to build up my home network with the ultimate goal of running a few services on my own and not to rely on cloud service providers. Inevitably, the content that I’d like to post in my blog will be about more broad set of topics.

So it’s time to move away from ProSharePoint.Ru. It’s a nice name, but the blog is not in Russian and not specific to Russian audience, and it’s not exclusively about SharePoint anymore. I wanted to give this blog a new name that will be more generic and relevant to broader set of topics, and get rid of country reference in the process.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome

It’s been no posts for a while, I know, but hopefully this will change and new name will act as a catalyst. I’ll keep available for about a year or so from now, so if you have some links to my blog, you should update it.