Sharepoint Cumulative Updates are not always cumulative

SharePoint Server patching is one of the regular maintenance tasks SharePoint admins are concerned with. How regular? Ideally - monthly, but we don’t live in ideal world. If SharePoint farm has not been patched for a couple of months or couple of years, it’s no big deal - just install the latest Cumulative Update and have all fixes in place, right? Wrong!

SharePoint 2013 March 2015 CU still ruins InfoPath forms

Ok, just installed January 2018 CU on SharePoint 2013 farm which was not patched since SP1 before that. It seems the bug from one of the security updates introduced in March 2015 is still there and ruins InfoPath forms. There is a blog with a solution for that (thanks Kate). Looks like no one reported this to MS since this was not fixed, and now it’s probably too late. I’ll repost the solution here in case the source will go down, looks like it was not updated for a while… After installing the Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 ( KB2881078 ), we realized that the InfoPath forms stopped working.

Brave Payments Review

Hi Everyone, Exciting news here - is now Brave Verified Publisher. I even got a shiny referral badge. So if you want to have some privacy and much less annoying ads on the web (and not necessarily by blocking them) you ought to try Brave browser! Disclaimer: I’m not receiving any compensation for this post. But I will get about 5 USD worth of BAT tokens for everyone who will use my referral link and do the right thing switching to Brave and using it at least for 30 days.

SharePoint patching playbook

SharePoint patching is always tricky. Difficult to test, difficult to roll back in case of issues, you name it. And every SharePoint pro has the own way to do patching which has been proved reliable and efficient. But now we can rely not only on our own experience and blogs like this one. We have a source of sacred knowledge, passed down from Microsoft itself. Common, grab it faster from Technet Gallery: SharePoint Build to Build Update Playbook