File access issue after updating to Windows 8.1 with data deduplication enabled

Today I’ve updated my home PC to Windows 8.1. Windows setup gave me option to update saving all my software, documents and so on, so I took the easiest way.

Never expected trouble here, but after several reboots (OMG, here is the Start button! How to remove it again?!) I found that some shortcuts on my desktop lost their icons. Moreover, I couldn’t launch them! Actually, I couldn’t launch any program installed on my secondary disk drive. And my multimedia library located there is not accessible too! What’s going on?!!

Let’s get this started!

All right, here it is! The first post. Actually, I’m a newbie in blogging and I’m not sure what the real first post will be about and even when it will be published. For now, there is only one page and it’s not about SharePoint. It’s about me and this blog. Welcome! 😃